Cheering for #BookTube!

NOTE: Read this post AFTER you’ve read Heather’s intro material below. This post is ONLY for if you run across a YouTube link on your team page as you’re cheering!

Hellooooo super awesome fantastic Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon Cheer SQUADS! I am so out of breath typing that.

I’m here today because we have a new contingent of social media awesomeness for which to cheer. Namely, BOOKTUBE! That is, YouTube content creators who run channels devoted to books. I have become just such a BookTuber, and I know if it was my only outlet, and I signed up for the -athon, I would want you guys to cheer for me there.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. If you have a Google account, sign into it. That will make your life easier. If you have a Google account, you also have a YouTube account from which to cheer.

2. When you visit someone’s channel, you can cheer on their most recent video (categoriezed under Recent Uploads) OR click on “About” near the middle of the page but below the channel header (like a header image in Facebook). Most people’s About pages accept comments.

3. If you cannot access someones channel because your Google account is acting wonky or just, life, DON’T STRESS OUT! Just move along. You might see if the person has a Twitter instead (also a button located near the top of their channel header). If not, no stress. You tried!

Thank you soooo much for volunteering your time to cheer! It means the WORLD to participants…Heather and me included.