Team Owl

BellaKarma @ Stix on the Beach
Meghan @ Recreational Reading
Masanobu @ All the Pretty Books
Teri @ Henningsen Happenings
Shannon @ River City Reading
Gina @ Book Dragon’s Lair
Cate @ Reading Until Proven Innocent
Bybee @ Blue-Hearted Bookworm
Angie @ Pinkindle
words were written
The Leprechaun Reads
Nikki @
Iben at Borough of Books
Ariel @ The Librarian’s Bookshelf
Katie @ Doing Dewey
Denise @ So Many Books, So Little Time
Ayla @ On top of the Bookshelf
A Truth Universally Acknowledged
A. @ A. Literary Mafia
Frk. Hyms
Melanie @ Bookaholic’s Bookcase
Kate @ Kate’s Book Nook
martine@silencing the bell
Tanya @ The Yeti Says
Dobrocudni Tapir
Denise @ Flamingo House Happenings
Sarah @ Exploring All Genres
Kristen M. @ We Be Reading
Amy @ We’ll Always Have Books
Danika @ The Lesbrary
Mika @ kuduroniz
Iris on Books
Joy’s Book Blog
Tanya @ Read. Run. Study.
Sarah @ Exploring All Genres
Buried In Print @ BuriedInPrint
Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog
Shauna – Reading and Ruminations
Kat @ The Aussie Zombie
Samlor-en-livre (Fr)
Eddah @ Shelfari
Ally @ Swept Away Again
Laura @ Please Pardon the Interruption
Marie @ Lasehesten
Tif @ Tif Talks Books
Adventures in Never Never Land
Candiss @ Read the Gamut
Lauren (Blondierocket)
Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books
Kirsten M
Olivia @ Bookcomet
April & Pabkins @ My Shelf Confessions
Leann @ Some Days There’s Pie

One thought on “Team Owl

  1. Hi! Looks like there are a couple of Danish blogs and one French one. Any of you speak it? =)
    I have reported the broken links for changing shoes, broski and Cate @ Reading Until Proven Innocent. I’d like to go for Mika @ kuduroniz because she’s just visited my country! ^_^
    (Of course you can still go (more people!), but I’m definitely going there =) )

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