Team Tiger

Life Out Loud
Carina (Reading Through Life)
Samantha @ The Little Munchkin Reader
Jenn and The Cats
Irish @ Ticket to Anywhere
Whitney @ She is too fond of books
Victoria @ byveevee
Jenni Marie
Michelle @ In Libris Veritas
Eric @ Frodo’s Blog of Randomness
Melanie @ Cynical Optimism
rachelcabbit @
Patti @ Reading Distractions
Christina @ theotherside
Lynn @ Little Lion Lynnet’s
Anna’s World
Alley @ What Red Read
Jessica @ Virtual Margin
Karine@Mon coin lecture (Fr)
KC @ By the By Books
Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia
Phinnea @ ravenscroftcloud
eicuthbertson’s Book Blog
The Joyfullest Of Times
Katarina @ Notes on Novels
Audra @ Unabridged Chick
Alyssa @ Diary of a Book Maniac
Helene Jeppesen
Kanoko @ The Bliss Project
Allen Grace
M @ Backlist Books
LuAnn @ Back Porchervations
Karine – The geeky librarian
Ellie @ Storybook Girl
Tumblr Links
Dryden Lane
Catherine@Order Received

30 thoughts on “Team Tiger

  1. Wow–great motivation! I’ll work on cleaning these up in the first hour. In the meantime, cheer for the ones you can. Does anyone about leaving comments on tumblr? I will do the French one (unless somebody else speaks French, too, in which case go for it!) You can always write ALLEZ! 🙂

  2. Good morning! Team Bear over here 😀

    re: tumblr issue. Probably the best way is to reblog their updates and add comments below. Last read-a-thon Heather made a tumblr group to do just that and a few of us are still members of it. I can’t add new members, but if none of you have a tumblr account I can come back later (after going through my list of bloggers) and leave comments to your tumblr-a-thoners 😛

      • No problem. I love feeling efficient 😀 (and I’m getting frustrated with goodreads, so any distraction is welcome!)

  3. I’ve put the tumblr links into a separate table at the bottom to make it easier to sort them out. If anyone finds one that I missed, can you please let me know? Thanks!

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